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Whole Hearted

Holistic Solutions
that treat you, not your condition.

We combine a mind, body, and spirit approach to provide professional nutritional advice, necessary supplements, and spiritual practice recommendations to help you on your health journey.

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Our Trusted Partners


We Truly Care About Your Health

We believe that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy.

For many living with chronic diseases and undiagnosable symptoms, the modern-day healthcare industry has failed them, and it is time that a more holistic, whole-body solution became a standard part of the way we treat and support the health of the billions of people living on this planet. At Wholehearted Holistic Solutions, we offer a variety of alternative health products and personal consultation services that treat you, not your condition. Dr. Bethany Padgett takes a completely different approach. 

The 5 Therapeutic Principles of Naturopathy

= your best health



Nature is a powerful healing force.


The Individual

Each individual is appreciated as a unique complex interaction of their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social factors.


Underlying Cause

Discover, address, and understand the underlying cause of dis-ease.



Educate, empower and motivate each individual to adopt a healthy attitude, lifestyle and nutritional plan.



Encourage healthy lifestyle habits to support health and wellness in order to prevent dis-ease.

Personalized Naturopathic Care

Our Services

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

An analysis of blood work that identifies nutritional and metabolic deficiencies, early indication of how your body physiology is functioning and may detect dysfunctions before they are allowed to manifest into a chronic condition.


Report + Analysis Price: $50 USD for a Report and a 30 min consultation

Nutritional Consultation

We'll hone in on your nutritional needs and provide food-based recommendations (including menus and guides). 

Consult Price: $50 USD 1-hour consultation

Naturopathy Health Assessment and Evaluation

Naturopathy is based on employing the beneficent agency of Nature’s forces, water, air, sunlight, earth power, exercise, rest, proper nutrition, and mental/emotional balance. As a Naturopath, I will employ a combination best adapted to each individual case to create a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.   

Consult Price: $125 USD 1-hour consultation

Supplemental Protocol / Recommendation

Receive a customized protocol to fit your specific supplement needs. Delivering the body's needed nutrients via organic whole foods is imperative; however, there are times when supplementation is necessary. Get access to 1000's of pure, effective, sustainable, hand-crafted, and natural supplements only available through a licensed practitioner.

Consult Price: $15 USD 15-minute consultation | By phone or Online/Video chat

Memory Rescue (Brain Trainer) Consult

Take the important steps to stop memory loss, aging, and Alzheimer's disease by improving the health of your brain.

Consult Price: $75 USD 1-hour consultation | Online/Video chat

Brain Thrive by 25 (Brain Trainer) Consult

This is for the undergraduate or high school student who wants to assess and understand the essentials of better brain health to help nurture, protect and improve your developing mind.  Learn how to modify your lifestyle and diet to optimize brain function.  

Consult Price: $75 USD 1-hour consultation | Online/Video chat

Brain Fit (Brain Trainer) Consult

This consult will empower you to cultivate a healthy brain to improve your career.

Consult Price: $75 USD 1-hour consultation | Online/Video chat


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

- Author Unknown


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