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About Dr. Bethany Padgett

Get to Know Me
and My Approach



Dr. Bethany Padgett

Ph.D. in Natural Health and Nutrition
Doctor of Naturopathy
Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition
Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst
ZYTO Specialist

Meet Dr. Bethany Padgett, a holistic wellness advocate whose journey was ignited by a mother's love. Faced with her daughter's severe food sensitivities, she delved into the realm of holistic nutrition, experiencing firsthand its healing potential. As her daughters thrived in advanced gymnastics, Dr. Padgett's profound knowledge of good nutrition became invaluable, fostering a foundation of well-being that they carry into adulthood.

Now, as her daughters lead healthy lives, Dr. Padgett's passion is to empower individuals seeking comprehensive wellness. Her mission: guide, educate, and uplift on the path to vitality. Embracing the Mind, Body, and Spirit approach, she consults on wellness concerns, offering personalized nutritional advice, essential supplements, and spiritual practices.

What sets Dr. Padgett apart is her holistic ecosystem of tools and services. Beyond consultations, she facilitates lab work analysis, partners with Fullscript for supplements, shares her organic products, and crafts bespoke 7-day nutritional menus.

Embark on a journey to well-being with Dr. Padgett. Her story of transformation, from a mother's dedication to a holistic wellness advocate, intertwines with yours as you step into a life of thriving and vibrant health.

My Approach

Personal Service in a Caring Manner

I approach Health and Wellness via the Mind, Body and Spirit. I consult with my clients on their wellness concerns and recommend the appropriate nutritional advice, necessary supplements, and spiritual practices.


My approach is unique in the sense that I can provide an ecosystem of tools and services like ordering and reviewing lab work, recommending and prescribing supplements from virtually anywhere via our partner Fullscript, as well as offering my own organic products, and providing custom 7-day nutritional menus.


For Everyone

Is this right for you?

I serve anyone with a chronic condition that would like to resolve their condition using a holistic and natural approach via nutrition, supplementation, nontoxic products, and spiritual practices.


Also, anyone who wants to maintain a healthy life with the same approach.

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