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Nutritional Consult

Available in-person, by phone, or online/video chat

About the Nutritional Consultation

There is no one “diet” that is best for everyone due to the involvement of genetics and other factors.  Every person is biochemically unique and therefore, what works for one does not always work for another.  There are many views on what is the best diet.  Generally speaking, I believe the more natural the diet the better.  One experiences and enjoys good health and wellness through Nature’s perfect food and pure water.  Consuming a natural foods diet lays the foundations for the maintenance of a healthful body, mind, and spirit.  It is through holistic nutrition that will enable you to keep a healthy body and minimize the opportunity for disease to develop.  

Consultation Price & Duration

Price: $75 USD

Duration: 1 Hour 

Includes 15% off recommended supplements and 25% off 7-day menus


Receive Access and 15% OFF of Supplements Only Available Through Licensed Practitioners

I partner with Physica Energetics and a supplement platform, Full Script. This gives me access to 1000's of pure, effective, sustainable, hand-crafted, and natural supplements only available through a licensed practitioner. These products meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards, they make ordering supplements convenient and safe.


This provides you the convenience of ordering my professional recommendations at 15% OFF and having them shipped straight to your door.  

What you will receive:


What you will receive:

15% OFF our 7-Day Menus

Your Nutritional Consult with Dr. Bethany Padgett includes 15% OFF of our

7-Day Menu.


Delicious and easy to prepare, meticulously designed meals laid out for each day of your week. Dr. Padgett will recommend the right menu for you out of dozens of available options. In line with our sustainability efforts, we've made our 7-Day Menu a downloadable file.  Simply purchase the recommended menu for you and receive a high-quality PDF file in your inbox! Save it to any device or print it out and keep it in your kitchen. Alternatively, we can ship your menu anywhere in the U.S.!

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