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About the Naturopathic Health Assessment & Evaluation

Naturopathy is based on employing the beneficent agency of Nature’s forces, water, air, sunlight, earth power, exercise, rest, proper nutrition and mental/emotional balance. As a Naturopath, I will employ a combination best adapted to each individual case to create a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I strictly adhere to the foundational principle of “first do no harm”.


I practice and believe in the healing power of nature; which encompasses the concept that the body can heal itself when clear of toxins, given proper nutrition, rest, positive mental perception and exercise. I recommend the most natural approach possible because I trust the natural processes within the body to heal. As a Naturopath, I recommend whole herbs, natural vitamins in foods, pure water, avoidance of toxins and rest. I work with you to search and identify a cause of illness and any imbalances within the body in order to support healing. I will work with you to identify the cause of problems, eliminate toxins, recommend needed supplements to address deficiencies and stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities.  

Every person is unique (biochemically, genetically, mentally, environmentally, spiritually), which means that I vary my recommendations based on an individual and not a “diagnosis”.  I wholeheartedly believe that each person is responsible for making decisions regarding their own health and my role is to educate and inform you about natural health options.  

Consultation Price & Duration

Price: $125 USD

Duration: 1 Hour 

Includes completion of evaluations prior to your consult, 15% of recommended supplements, 25% of recommended menus/nutritional plans, and a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.


Naturopathic Health Assessment & Evaluation

Available in-person, by phone, or online/video chat


What you will receive:

Receive Access and 15% OFF of Supplements Only Available Through Licensed Practitioners

I partner with Physica Energetics and a supplement platform, Full Script that provide you access to 1000's of pure, effective, sustainable, hand-crafted, and natural supplements only available through a licensed practitioner. These products meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards, they make ordering supplements convenient and safe.


This provides you the convenience of ordering my professional recommendations at 15% OFF and having them shipped straight to your door.  

What you will receive:

Receive a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis ($50 Value)

Blood testing can present an overwhelming array of biomarkers that may serve as direct indicators of one’s health and even as indirect clues toward the root of a problem. As I analyze your biomarkers, I am able to recognize patterns and trends of imbalances.  As a result, I can create an individual and unique protocol for you to address your metabolic or nutritional dysfunction at the root level creating efficient and a longer lasting result.  


What you will receive:

15% OFF 7-Day Menus and Nutritional Plans

Your Naturopathic Health Assessment with Dr. Bethany Padgett includes 15% OFF of our 7-Day Menu and, if necessary, a separate customized nutritional plan.


Delicious and easy to prepare, meticulously designed meals laid out for each day of your week. Dr. Padgett will recommend the right menu for you out of dozens of available options. In line with our sustainability efforts, we've made our 7-Day Menu a downloadable file.  Simply purchase the recommended menu for you and receive a high-quality PDF file in your inbox! Save it to any device or print it out and keep it in your kitchen. Alternatively, we can ship your menu anywhere in the U.S.!

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